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Top Ten Construction Double Entendre’s

07 Jul 2017

As I was called to my colleagues screen yesterday to discuss an important job with a fast approaching deadline, my apprentices began to snigger – was it something I’d said?

I thought then perhaps that it was some kind of an ‘in joke’ something we’d both missed.

As I continued with the task in hand - sniggers turned to giggles and giggles turned into fits of hysteria... what was so funny?..  I had simply asked him if they were the right sized nuts for the job... That’ll be it...  

During my time working in construction I had obviously become completely immune to the endless the tapestry of double entendre’s that make up our industry.

I have experienced my share of innuendos along the way – but when did it stop being funny?  

We must be the only sector where we can discuss full penetration butt welds and erection procedures with not so much as tongue in cheek.

So to get it all out of their system I asked them to list what they considered to be the top 10 funniest words or phrases the industry has to offer;  

1.) Nailing studs.  

2.) Flange.

3.) Erected crane.

4.) Exposed beam.

5.) Perpendicular end.

6.) Threaded rod.

7.) Concealed openings.

8.) Drip edge.

9.) Load bearing member.

10.) Butt glazing.

Hey, in a world filled with flanges and gusset plates, can you blame them?...

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