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HS2 for the UK

30 May 2016

It`s a high-speed railway in Britain that is under construction, and it will connect all of London, Sheffield Birmingham, Leeds, the East Midlands, and Manchester.

It would be the second high-speed rail line in United Kingdom, as the first one is the High Speed 1 line connecting London to the Channel Tunnel.

Train Speed should be about 255 Miles per hour , and total cost is about £33bn. The line is proposed to be built in a "Y" configuration and that is why it`s called HS2 because it`s been divided into two phases,with London on the bottom of the "Y", Birmingham at the centre, Leeds at the top
right and Manchester at the top left.

The construction is in two phases, HS2 is expected to strengthen British economy by 20 billion dollars, and doing business in less time, increasing productivity, and also to increase tourism demand, and will reduce the journey time.from London to the Midlands Birmingham from 84 minutes to 49 minutes. 

Uk government declared that "on 23 March 2016 The High Speed Rail (London – West Midlands) Bill – the Bill for Phase One of HS2 - completed its Report/Third Reading stage in the House of Commons, and has been introduced into the House of Lords. On introduction in the House of Lords a fresh petitioning period is triggered, and those directly and specially affected by the HS2 proposals have the opportunity to petition". 

HS2 Phase 1 will be carried connecting London with West Midlands expected be operational by 2026.Government of United Kingdom despite some concerns of environmental issues related to "HS2" has committed to complete HS2 toward the north, connecting Birmingham to Leeds and Manchester via two high speed lines running either side of the Pennines. By the 'HS2 Phase 2' and commonly known as ‘Y-route’. 

Hybrid Bills will be required to secure the powers required to construct and operate HS2.The Phase One Environmental Statement sets out in detail the social and environmental impacts of the route and the measures which are being put in place to mitigate those impacts. 

However the wildlife trust statement was; Seven Sites of Special Scientific Interest (the very best of our wild places), three Wildlife Trust nature reserves, 66 Local Wildlife Sites and 25 proposed Local Wildlife Sites are all directly affected and will be damaged or destroyed by the line for Phase 1, a further 92 wildlife sites are indirectly affected.

Phase Two of HS2 

On 30 November 2015, the government announced a proposed way forward on Phase Two of HS2. Phase Two forms a ‘Y’ shape from the West Midlands up towards Manchester and the North West with proposed stations at Manchester Airport and Manchester Piccadilly; and up towards Leeds and the North East with proposed stations in Leeds, the East Midlands and Sheffield Meadowhall. 

It is anticipated that Phase Two of HS2 will begin operating trains around 2033 as part of the integrated HS2 network and with the rest of the UK rail network.

The Government wants part of Phase Two – the route between the West Midlands and Crewe – to open in 2027, six years ahead of the rest of Phase Two, so that the North and Scotland will realise the benefits of HS2 to people and places sooner. 

This will be subject to its own hybrid Bill, which the Government hopes to deposit in parliament in 2017. The Government has not made a decision on the exact route for the rest of Phase Two, this will most likely be announced in autumn 2016. 

The wildlife trust statement was:"Six Wildlife Trust nature reserves, 87 Local Wildlife Sites and 17 proposed Local Wildlife Sites are all directly affected and will be damaged or destroyed by the proposed route for Phase 2. A further 245 sites are indirectly affected."



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